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Missouri Haunted Houses 2010

Mexico, MO     Hallowed Grounds Haunted Scream Park
    Location: Audrain Rd. 435 northeast of Mexico, MO

Take Littleby Road from Hwy. 54 E. and follow the signs
(see website for map)

    Dates: September 17, 18, 24, 25
      October 1, 2, 8, 9, 15, 16, and every night October 22-31
    Hours: 7:00 pm - 1:00 am
    Prices: $15.00 with discount coupon
    Online Tickets: Not Available
    Coupons: Available at their sponsor locations or their website
    Ages: All age groups (May be too intense for very small children)
    Group Rates: Available (contact kenny@hauntedproductions.com)
    Description: Hallowed Grounds is Missouri's largest haunted attraction, covering more than
20 acres! It contains a haunted corn maze, haunted house, and haunted trail,
as well as a huge cemetery which is 2 acres in size!

We pride ourselves in giving you more fright for your buck. You can spend more
money at other attractions, and way less time touring them. Come join us for a
night filled with screams!

    Map: See www.hauntedproductions.com for printable map
    Website: www.hauntedproductions.com
    Contact Info: email: kenny@hauntedproductions.com
Columbia, MO     Necropolis Haunted House
    Location: 1207 Rogers
    Dates: Sept. 30 - Oct. 31 ----- Thursdays through Sundays
    Hours: Fridays and Saturdays 8:00-1:00
      Thursdays and Sundays 8:00-11:00
    Prices: $15.00
    Description: Relive the story of the Bishop Factory Butcher in this intense indoor haunted
attraction. Read the full story on the website
    Map: See website
    Website: www.enterthenecropolis.com
    Contact: contact@enterthenecropolis.com
Joplin, MO     Raycliff Manor
    Location: 4706 Gateway Drive
    Dates: See website
    Hours: 7pm - Midnight
    Prices: See website
    Ages: All age groups
    Description: Two attractions for one price!

Raycliff Manor
A catacomb of nightmares, a macabre maze of horror. Enter freely
and of your own will. This may be your last contact with reality; you
have now entered the world of spirits. Inside the manor a mad genius
once discovered the secret of extracting fear from his victims as
trophies for his collection of terror. Now those fears are trapped inside,
waiting for those who are brave enough to enter. No amount of
screaming can wake you and your nervous laughter can’t protect you
In one of these rooms your worst nightmare has come to life and is
waiting to confront you. It beckons you into the darkness…do you dare?

The Carriage House
Something strange has been taking place in the old Raycliff Manor Carriage
House. Strange sounds have been heard and unusual flashes of light have
been appearing in the normally darkened windows. There's a feeling of
electricity in the air and steam appears to be rising from the top of the
Raycliff Carriage House!

In the Raycliff Carriage House, Professor Walter Widget has stumbled
upon some old equipment, not just any equipment, but that used by Dr.
Raycliff himself in his experiments to extract fears from those unfortunate
enough to be submitted to his treatments. Now the professor has figured
out how to re-ignite the old steam driven machinery and a strange
obsession has overtaken him. All he needs are willing subjects. Are you
willing? Come and encounter the disorienting and mind bending experience
the victims of Raycliff Manor faced when suffering the extraction of their
fears. You may also be confronted with your fears as you brave the many
twists and turns inside the Raycliff CARRIAGE HOUSE!

    Map: See website for map and directions
    Website: www.RaycliffManor.com
    Contact: (417)624-1414
Kansas City, MO     The Beast
    Location: 1401 W. 13th St.
    Dates: See website for complete calendar
    Hours: See website
    Prices: Start at $20.00
      See website for coupons and combo tickets
    Coupons: See website
    Ages: All age groups
    Group Rates: Available
    Description: Founded in 1991, The Beast is America's largest indoor haunted house.
The Beast pioneered the "open format" design, where you're not in a line,
you're wandering through the scenes, never knowing when a spook or
an activated scene will rock into action. At the Beast, you are not just
looking at the scene, you are part of the action!

It takes about 40 minutes to go through the Beast -- IF you don't get lost
in the fog in the Werewolf Forest, stuck in the maze, or pulled toward the
light in the three-story light tower. The exit is a four story slide, it's straight
down and faster than you might find comfortable!
    Map: See website for map and directions
    Website: www.kcbeast.com
    Contact Info: (816)842-0320
Kansas City, MO     The Edge of Hell
    Location: 1300 W. 12th St.
    Dates: See website for complete calendar
    Hours: See website
    Prices: Start at $20.00
      See website for coupons and combo tickets
    Coupons: See website
    Ages: All age groups
    Group Rates: Available
    Description: Founded in 1975, The Edge of Hell began as KC's oldest and best
haunted house--and has evolved into the national model for celebrating
the entertainment value of confronting fear.

A converted five story warehouse, it offers a quarter-mile walk through
sensory stimulation--that ends abruptly 30 minutes later, as you slide
from heaven down the five-story spiral slide into the arms of the Devil
himself. This is the granddaddy of 'em all--and with good reason.

    Map: See website for map and directions
    Website: www.edgeofhell.com
    Contact Info: (816)842-0320
Eureka, MO     Eureka Butcher
    Location: 111 Hilltop Village Center Drive
    Dates: Open nightly through Halloween
    Hours: Monday-Thursday 7-10
Friday and Saturday 7-Midnight
Sunday 7-10
    Prices: $13.00 with discount coupon
      See website for coupons and group rates
    Coupons: See website
    Ages: All age groups
    Group Rates: Available
    Description: Eureka Butcher is the St Louis area’s newest and largest indoor haunted house.
This completely indoor attraction is great in any weather and best of all admission
is just $13, making it the best value in the area.

It seems as if the Eureka Butcher was selling something other than animal meat.
He was forced out of business by the locals, and now seeks his revenge with the
help of his psycho friends.

    Map: See website for map and directions
    Website: www.eurekabutcher.com
    Contact Info: (888)Haunt09
Monroe City, MO     Trail of Terror
    Location: Mark Twain Landing, 42819 Landing Lane Monroe City, MO
    Dates: 2010 Dates To Be Announced Soon!
    Hours: See Website
    Prices: $3.00
    Ages: All age groups

When you walk through the Trail of Terror at Mark Twain Landing you will see reflections
of all the fears you thought were tucked deep inside your mind. The Terror calls you. You can
feel its presence getting closer. It will begin to surround you---calling----you will not be able to
deny it. No one realizes the horror here. The nightmares you have suffered are forcing their
imagines into waking reality. You don't know how much longer you can struggle against these
powers------pulling------pulling you into the darkness.

You'll encounter the Crazy Clown,  Dr. Doom,  Warewolves and Mad Dogs, Little Sister,
Amazing Maze,  the Butcher Shop,  Boys in the Hoods,  the Count,  Spiders Lair,  Can't
Stop Coffin,  Big Red,  Erik the Terrible,  Nurse Nancy,  Bubbas Chain Saw,  Guns on the
Run, Slime Time, The Chair, Spirit Tunnel and more.

Experience fear and exhilaration in the same instant as you make your way down the dark
corridors.  Stare in horror as the spine-chilling scenes are played out right before your own eyes.

If you survive, you'll want to stop at our snack bar for a variety of ghoulish delights, ice cream,
funnel cakes, caramel apple bits, corn dogs, cotton candy, Pepsi products, hot chocolate, lemon
shake-ups and more.

    Map: Check their website
    Website: http://www.legacytrailofterror.com
    Contact Info: (573)735-9422
Troy, MO     Mr. Bill's Thrills
    Location: See website
    Dates: See website for Details
    Prices: See website
    Online Tickets:  
    Group Rates:  
    Description: Featuring the Haunted Barn, the Trail of Terror, and the Black Zone
    Website: www.mrbillsthrills.com/haunts.asp
    Contact Info:  
Liberty, MO     Liberty Corn Maze
    Location: Near the intersection of 291 and 210 (See website for directions and map)
    Dates: See website for complete calendar
    Hours: Vary according to day (See website)
    Prices: $9.00 adults, $7.00 children
      Group rates and combo passes available
    Coupons: Available at www.libertycornmaze.com
    Online Tickets: Available (See website)
    Ages: All age groups
    Group Rates: Available (See website)
    Description: Liberty Corn Maze ... Now Open until Sunday October 26. Fridays 5 pm to 10 pm
(last admission) Saturday 10 am to 10 pm (last admission) Sunday 10 am to 7 pm
(last admission) This year the 1000 ft by 1000 ft corn Maze brings the Kansas City
Zoo to Liberty. The maze invites Zoo fans to take the maze challenge by completing
the maze cut to replicate different venues available at the Zoo. The orange maze is the
Giraffe /Tiger 1.1 miles. The Lt. green maze is 1.6 miles of monkeys. The Dark Green
Maze is 2.6 miles of the antelope and rhino. The Blue Maze is 3.6 for the alligator and
kangaroo. Hy Vee 'Lil' Sprouts maze is 1.5 miles of fun.

 The 'Lil' Sprouts mini soybean maze is sponsored again this year by Hy Vee Stores and
adjoins the big maze.

As well as the mazes, we have an entertainment area with large tents for hosting group parties or
corporate events. Contact us to book your private party or corporate event

    Map: See for printable map
    Website: www.libertycornmaze.com
    Contact Info: email: libertycornmaze@hotmail.com
      phone: (816)781-9196
Springfield, MO     Hotel of Terror
    Location: 334 N. Main
    Dates: See website for complete calendar
    Hours: See website
    Prices: $10.00-$12.00
      Discount coupons available
    Coupons: Available (see website)
    Ages: All age groups
    Group Rates: Available
    Description: See website for Description
    Map: See website for map
    Website: www.hotelofterror.com
    Contact Info: See website
Mountain View, MO     3rd Dimension
    Location: TBA
    Dates and Times: See website for dates and hours
    Prices: Adults $6.00, Children 7-12 $4.00, Children under 7 $2.00
    Ages: All age groups
    Group Rates: Available
    Description: The 3rd Dimension was formerly known as the 3rd Floor of Terror,
and was located in Thayer, MO. It has now moved and changed
    Map: See website for map
    Website: Info Coming Soon
    Contact Info: See website
Arbyrd, MO     Arbyrd Haunted House and Spooklight Tour
    Location: 100 Broadway (old VFW Hall)
    Dates: 2010 Dates to be Announced
    Hours: 6pm - 7pm Lights On Tour (for the faint at heart)
7pm - Midnight on October 27 and 28
7pm - 10pm on October 31
    Prices: $5.00
      Proceeds go to build Arbyrd Playground
      Fee covers Haunted House and Spooklight Tour
    Ages: All ages welcome
    Description: Haunted House with all the thumps and bumps along with hayride with a special
guest appearance of the Arbyrd/Senath light
    Map: None available
    Website: http://www.arbyrdspookhouse.com
    Contact Info: Call Arbyrd City Hall
Liberty, MO     Darkness Haunted House
    Location: From I35 take the Liberty exit onto 152 highway.  Take 152 to route 291.
Turn left on Ruth Ewing.  Turn left on Current St.  Follow Current up the hill.
The home haunt is at the corner of Current and Mallard Dr.
    Dates: 2010 Info to be Announced
    Hours: 5 - 10 pm
    Prices: Free (donations appreciated)
    Ages: All ages welcome
    Description: Darkness is all new every year!  The haunted house can also be modified for
younger/tentative audiences with three levels: trauma, medium scary, or just
plain dead.  The 2007 haunt is in production and will easily be the best year yet.
    Map: None available
    Website: http://www.cutcliffe.com/darkness.htm
    Contact Info: brad@cutcliffe.com



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