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Savannah --- Shady Lawn Nursing Home

The building was once used as a mental hospital and is now supposedly
haunted by the ghost of a former patient named Oscar. The ghost is
rumored to be very loud and is said to enjoy frightening the living.


Tarkio --- Rankin Hall

Reports of strange phenomenon including

objects moving and the sound of scratching

coming from a closet.


Brunswick --- St. Boniface Cemetery

Reports of disembodied voices and shadowy figures.


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Weatherby --- Reid Cemetery

Orbs have reportedly been photographed at this site.

Location: Take SR 6 to 121st St.

Maysville --- Haunted House

Former residents of this private home claim that the house is haunted,
possibly by more then one entity. These residents report that objects
disappear then reappear, lights turn off and on their own, strange noises
can be heard, the apparition of a man has been seen in the upstairs,
the apparition of a small dark object has been seen fluttering about, etc.

History: Birth home of former Missouri Gov. James T. Blair.

Location: On a main street in town


Stanberry --- Cooper Cemetery

Reports of strange lights apparitions and voices. One report
describes the apparition of an old man appearing from the
woods and carrying a lantern. Other report says the sound of
a baby crying can sometimes be heard coming from the cemetery.

Location: Off of US169


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Marceline --- Route 36

In the area of a railroad bridge that crosses over route 36
there have been sightings of a misty figure. The figure is
sometimes seen hovering over the bridge and has also
reportedly appeared beneath the bridge on route 36.

Marceline --- Mom’s Restaurant 

Supposedly haunted by a ghost the has been named
“The Lady In White” . People have reported seeing the
apparition of a young woman as well as experiencing
poltergeist like activity.

Location: 116 South Kansas Ave.


Chillicothe --- Slagle Cemetery And Bridge

Both the cemetery and bridge as well as much of the surrounding land
are believed to be haunted. Legend says the Mr. Slagle was one of the
first settlers to the area and that he was a cruel and possibly
criminally insane man. There was little law in the area at the time, so there
was no one to stop the man from terrorizing whom ever he chose to.
It was believed but could never be proved that he was responsible
for the deaths of his wives and several of his own children. It is
reported that one of his wives hung herself from the bridge, which
has been demolished. It is also said that Slagle murdered a man
and then buried him where the road now sits. Supposedly
phenomenon has been captured on video and film at this location.
Activity reportedly experienced here includes the sightings of
apparitions including the ghost of Mr. Slagle himself, unsuspecting
individuals being pushed from the bridge by an unseen force,
the sound of voices, etc.


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Maryville --- Roberta Hall
N.W. Missouri State University

Believed to be haunted since the 1900’s by the ghost of a young woman named
Roberta Steel. Roberta was critically injured on April 28th 1951, when a gas
tank exploded and was forced into the dorm. Roberta later died.
Witnesses report several different types of phenomenon associated
with this haunting. These phenomenon include odd sounds, strange green
lights, and objects being thrown about the dorm.

Location: 920 E. Halsey St.

Maryville --- Workman’s Chapel

   A strange, strong, and sometimes described as evil force is said to inhabit
the church grounds. Here are a few stories about the location:

    Supposedly a spirit came to an individual in the church and told of a knife
hidden under the floor. The spirit told this person that a priest had
used this knife to commit a murder.

    A tree that stands near the church is rumored to be the site of
many pat hangings. It is said that if you park your vehicle
under the tree you will hear what sounds like feet struggling
to find a hold on your roof. Witnesses also reports seeing
apparitions hanging from the tree.

    Supposedly a witness reported seeing ghostly cars parked out front
of the church as if there for a service, followed by the roof
of the car that they were driving being crushed.

    Strange sights and sounds have reportedly been witnessed in
the woods surrounding the church.


Stanberry --- Cooper Cemetery

Activity reported here includes apparitions, voices, and strange lights.


None Listed
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Boynton --- Abandoned Mental Asylum

It is rumored that visitors to this location
have experienced an intense feeling of being
unwelcome and the sense of being watched
and followed by an unseen presence. The
location is private property and unsafe.

Location: Off of gravel Rd. nears the local cemetery.


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